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Certificate and invoice creation out of thebest PCR-Solution directly on the spot
EGENS PCR test device and Kewei test kit included
Uncomplicated setup and training.

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The appointment & test

best PCR Solution Step 1
To test/he/she chooses himself/herself
a free appointment
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Linking all data
per code scanner
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Schedule management, tests &
evaluations at the PoC.
Connection to the Corona warning app and certificate creation
Certificate to print and send directly to CORONA-WARN-APP.

Simplify your test procedure fundamentally with our PCR software!

Automatic test certificate generation & transmission to the CORONA-WARN APP. Everything from the best-PCR-Solution PCR software. Central and easy scheduling & appointment management of all persons to be tested and PCR tested at your PoC.
The test results are transmitted directly to a laboratory and are thus laboratory-certified. You receive everything you need* from us – including training, so you can get started right away.
* An internet connection must be available at your location. You will also need a PC / tablet / laptop and an A4 printer.
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The Ct value is transferred to the best PCR solution

How do you run the tests?

The best PCR Solution fundamentally simplifies your testing process:
  1. The person to be tested books an appointment with you – without administrative effort for you, directly via the booking mask!
  2. When the person to be tested appears, you print out an OEGD (if necessary) and affix the code stickers to the test tubes and OEGD. Then simply scan the codes in the best PCR-Solution.
  3. You test and evaluate the test with the EGENS PCR test device.
  4. The test result is available – print out the certificate directly or the tested person receives the result automatically on the CORONA-WARN-APP or by e-mail/SMS.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, but we charge a license fee of €1.50 per certificate created. This is made up of data protection requirements, security guarantees, server and maintenance costs and is billed monthly – transparently and fairly. With the best PCR Solution, you have everything in view.

Online-Med-Talk - Free expert advice
with a doctor - 2x a week!

If you have questions about unclear Ct values or unclear curve progressions, we offer, after registration, free online consultations with a specialist – 2x per week via online meeting. More information about the Online-Med-Talk will be sent to our best PCR-Solution customers soon.

Now you are challenged! Get our offer bundle!

But I already use the EGENS!

WONDERFUL! then you will receive from us the best PCR-Solution and everything you need* for only 199 €.

BEST PCR-Solution
Offer Bundle

Prices are net plus transport

The best PCR Solution Test Management Software with all components

6.650,– €

+ 1,50 € / created certificate

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