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Testresultat nach 15 Min
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2019-nCoV RBD Antibody Test

FinecareTM II Plus universal analyser* included

Evaluate vaccine efficacy


Diagnosis of infection

Blut Fingerkuppe

With blood from the fingertip


Intuitive touch screen & english menu

*When at least 1,000 antibody test units (40 packs) are purchased.

Antibody test - Fast. Efficient. Profitable.

SARS CoV-2 antibody detection has never been so efficient. If you perform a test directly, you will receive the result after only 15 minutes. After storing the test cassette for 15 minutes, you will receive the test result after approx. 15 seconds. This allows multiple tests within a short time.

In 4 steps to the test result

You do not need any other materials to perform a test. Our antibody test kit contains all the necessary test items.
bm Finecare Blut aufnehmen 2.3.1

Draw blood

Prick the fingertip with the enclosed lancet. Also possible with blood plasma or serum.


bm Finecare Probe vorereiten 2.3.2

Prepare sample


Using the enclosed pipette, place 20 µl of whole blood, serum or plasma into buffer tubes and mix.
bm Finecare Probe auftragen 2 2.7.1

Apply sample

Take 75 µl of the sample mixture and apply to the sample application field of the test cassette.


bm Finecare Start Test 1.14.1


Insert the test cassette into the FinecareTM II Plus Universal Analyser and start the test evaluation.


The result - quality. Quantity.

During the evaluation, you will not only receive qualitative information about a negative or positive result, but also quantitative information about the exact number of antibodies in the blood. The result thus serves as proof of neutralising antibodies according to 20/136 of the WHO.

Included in the test kit

Print test result directly

Once the sample has been tested and the result is available, you can print out the test result using the FinecareTM II Plus Universal Analyser.
bm Finecare Testergenbis ausdrucken 2 1.12.1

Video tutorial

FinecareTM II Plus -
Universally applicable!

Evaluate up to 34 blood, urine or stool parameters directly at your point-of-care with the FinecareTM II Plus universal analyser and our test cassettes – saving you time and laboratory costs. Due to the fast evaluation, up to 300 tests/h can be carried out – in addition, with the FinecareTM II Plus we supply you with a holding station with 5 slots and 5 timers.
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FinecareTM II Plus -
The parameters at a glance

FinecareTM II Plus - Technical data

bm Finecare 8785

LIS interface

LAN, USB and D-Sub connections are available as interfaces. Communication with an LIS is possible via LAN cable.
bm Finecare Touchscreen 2.4.1


The FinecareTM II Universal analyser comes with an intuitive touch screen in English.
bm Finecare 8798

Cassette insert

The test cassette slot can be operated by touch screen and is compatible with all Finecare test cassettes.
bm Finecare 8794

ID chip slot

Each test set includes an individual ID chip indicating the test type of the set. You do not need to set anything else.

Our Finecare offers

We offer you various starting offers with which you can directly enter the testing process. We will also be happy to advise you.

Extensive assortment

You can also combine the offers with other test units from our range. Among other things, we offer tests for vitamin D, diabetes, inflammation markers and much more.

Offer 1

1,000 test units

4,50 € per pcs. // equals 40 packages.


1 FinecareTM II Plus

Universal analyser for 0,- €

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Offer 2

500 test units

4,50 € per pcs. // equals 20 packages.


1 FinecareTM II Plus

Universal analyser for 199,- €

Finecare Flyer Angebot 2 1

Offer 3

250 test units

4,50 € per pcs. // equals 10 packages.


1 FinecareTM II Plus

Universal analyser for €549

Finecare Flyer Angebot 3 1

Offer 4

Finecare Analysegeraet 2

1 FinecareTM II Plus

Universal analyser - as a stand-alone unit

899 €

We will be happy to make you an individual offer!