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Vinyl gloves

Without powder


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Product contains: 100 pcs

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Without powder

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EGENS PCR test device YS qPCR-1

Technical details

Basic parameters and performance indicators
Sample size
2 x 8 (16) test wells | 0.2 ml tubes (30-100 µl), 8-strip tube with 8-strip cap is recommended
Response system
10 – 10¹º Kopien
Fluorescent dye
F1: FAM, SYBR Greenl etc. F2: HEX, VIC, JOE, etc. F3: ROX, TEXAS RED, etc. F4: Cy5 etc.
Fluorescence detection time of the entire plate
Within 2 seconds
Temperature range
10 – 100 °C
Temperature uniformity
±0,1 °C (@58 °C)
Temperature accuracy
±0,1 °C (@58 °C)
Heating rate (average)
>8,0 °C/s
Heating rate (average)
>10,5 °C/s
Cooling rate (average)
>5,0 °C/s
Cooling rate (maximum)
>7,5 °C/s
Temperature range of the hot lid
30 – 120 °C
Repeatability of the fluorescence intensity test
CV <0,5 %
Repeatability of the sample test
CV <1 %
Linearity of the sample
Linear regression coefficient R ≥ 0.98
Fluorescence linearity
Linear regression coefficient R ≥ 0.98
Device communication interface
Network connection / serial port
Input power
100 – 240 VAC 50/60 HZ Max. 800 VA
380 x 300 x 185 mm (size of the outer box: 520 x 410 x 360 mm)
Net weight
9,8 kg