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State of Baden-Württemberg promotes PoC PCR test devices for pharmacies

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Real time PCR tester

Best suited for pooling | Very good values in terms of sensitivity, specificity and accuracy!
At best medical you can buy the EGENS PCR test device. Also the test kit. We will be happy to advise you and put together your individual offer. The devices are available and can be shipped directly to you. Please contact us today.

Real-Time PCR-Test
am Point-of-Care

Optimal for pharmacies & test centers

Pooling with up to
500 tests / hour

Output of the
Ct value

Real-time PCR - Fast, Safe and Precise.

The real-time PCR test instrument “YS-qPCR-1” from EGENS saves valuable time and currently conserves precious laboratory capacities. It works with inexpensive nucleic acid detection kits and measures in real time the nucleic acid signals from DNA-binding fluorescent dyes and labeled probes and converts them into comparable quantitative readings of DNA or reverse transcribed RNA. The PCR system can be used for quantitative and qualitative detection of pathogens and human genetics. The EGENS YS-qPCR-1 is under continuous development. Software updates can be imported via the instrument’s USB interface, for example for the determination of virus variants such as delta and omicron, which currently account for almost 100% of all SARS-CoV-2 viruses currently circulating in Germany. This saves important laboratory capacities and helps to assess the current infection situation. Furthermore, a special powder is already in development which replaces the enzyme in liquid form and thus saves the necessary cooling of the enzyme solution.
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Efficiency through pooling

With the real-time PCR, up to 16 individual tests can be evaluated simultaneously in just 30 minutes. The possibility of pooling allows 80 individual samples to be analyzed. Advantage: In case of a positive pooling result, no new swabs are required, but simply the already existing samples of the affected pool are evaluated again individually. Theoretically, even up to 265 simultaneous evaluations are possible with the EGENS test device, allowing a capacity of over 500 tests per hour and device. A prerequisite for the use of the maximum test capacity is a clean execution of the sample preparation.
PCR Egens Pooling

Uncomplicated to the test result

You do not need any other materials to perform a test. Our test kit contains all the necessary test items.
PCR Egens Schritt 1
Remove the swab and break off the swab head along the Break off the swab head along the kink mark.


PCR Egens Schritt 2


Place the sample in the preservative solution tube, tighten the cap tighten and shake 5 times.
PCR Egens Schritt 3


Add the RT-PCR reagent (green) to the enzyme mixing tube (purple) and shake at least 3-5 times.
PCR Egens Schritt 4


Add 1 drop of the mixture (step 3) to an amplification tube.
PCR Egens Schritt 5


Add 1 drop of the sample (or positive control or negative control) to the amplification tube and shake thoroughly upside down.
PCR Egens Schritt 6


Place the amplification tubes into the PCR test device. You can perform up to 16 PCR tests simultaneously.

When you purchase the PCR tester you will receive:

Evaluate more markers

Technical features YS-qPCR-1

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Video tutorial

Determination of the Ct value

In addition to reliably testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection, the new device also outputs the Ct value – an indication of the amount of virus an infected person carries. The higher the viral load, the lower the Ct value. The Ct threshold value valid in the respective state can be set in the user interface. The threshold value is then displayed graphically in the test result, allowing easy evaluation.

Certificate creation with the best pcr solution

With the best PCR Solution, you can now create certificates and invoices with a click. You manage your complete PCR test workflow from the creation of the person to be tested to the creation of the tests in EGENS to the finished certificate, invoice creation / Corona warning app info. Everything included – no modular structure, all functions are available from the beginning! And everything directly in the best PCR solution from best medical. Inform now
PCR Egens CT Wert

CT value readable

After completion of the test program, the test data can be analyzed in real time.

What should be observed when storing the KEWEI test kits?

We deliver all test kits in a dry ice freezer box to ensure proper function and to avoid interruption of the cold chain. Once you have received the kits, you must continue to refrigerate the kit components as follows:

Part A

Transport temperature
Storage temperature
Enzyme mixture (purple cap)
-25 °C to 0 °C
-20 °C ± 5 °C
IMPORTANT NOTICE: After mixing the enzyme mixture (purple) and the RT-PCR-Reagent (green), the mixture must be stored at -15 °C to -25 °C. The mixture must be used within 30 days and thawed a maximum of 6 – 8 times!

Part B

Transport temperature
Storage temperature
RT-PCR Reagent (green cap)
Room temperature
2 °C to 8 °C
Negative control (blue cap)
Room temperature
2 °C to 8 °C
Positive control (red cap)
Room temperature
2 °C to 8 °C
RT = room temperature

Part C

Transport temperature
Storage temperature
Solution for sample preservation (blue caps)
Room temperature
Room temperature

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Demnächst erhalten Sie auch digitale FAQs von uns um Sie bei der täglichen Arbeit mit dem Gerät zu unterstützen.

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Egens – "YS-qPCR-1"

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Test kit

Kewei - Multiple Real-Time PCR Test Kit

48 PCR Test Units + Enzyme + RT Reagent + Positive/Negative Control

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beste PCR-Lösung Bundle

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